Built the 4 element 2m Yagi in Time for “Simplex Sunday”

The 4 element 2m Yagi build when pretty well this afternoon. Here it is up about 18ft on the painters pole:

Photo Aug 02, 5 14 49 PM

This is using an interesting 4:1 balun design using RG-6U coax. I can hit the local repeater quite well with it and am now waiting to try this out on “Simplex Sunday” the local VHF simplex net.

UPDATE: I’d say the Yagi was a fail. I can hit local repeater and local simplex but that was about it. It did seem very sensitive to direction as one would expect from a beam. Biggest evidence that something isn’t working right is that I could not hit the Harlingen or La Feria repeaters. More than likely it needs some tuning and unfortunately I don’t have an antenna analyzer that can deal with VHF. Further evidence that something is not quite right is that 2m Moxon is able to hit both those repeaters without any problems. It will be interesting to see how the Moxon performs on nights with good tropospheric ducting potential.


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