Basis for my 2m Moxon

The basis for the 2m Moxon I built is here (2m-moxon-antenna). This describes the basic approach to building the 2m Moxon as developed in 2008 by the Montgomery County ARES.  I did make some modifications to this in order to deal with the parts I got from Home Depot. The end caps and PVC tees have one length but the PVC crosses are a bit shorter. I used a caliper to measure the length of the Tee sub-assembly then set the crosses to match. I then calculated how much wire needs to be inserted in order to set the right gap between elements which in this design is critical. I used a smaller drill size to make the holes so that the wire would be a fairly tight fit. Then I wrapped electrical tape around the wire to form a “stop” so that the wire would not go in further than necessary.

I cut the connector off of one end of a RG-8X coax cable and fed it up the PVC pipe to the feed point. In retrospect this was a mistake as now I cannot easily add a mounting extension to the cross. I will compensate for this by slitting a short piece of PVC pipe to allow the coax to emerge. I have a slip – thread coupler that will fit on the end of this so I can get the antenna mounted o the painters pole for testing. I am using a bulkhead adapter to connect the two pieces of coax for the feed line and have a small patch cable that connects to the Baofeng HT. Will be ready to test later today at new heights.


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