Finished the 2m Moxon Today

I finished up the 2m Moxon antenna today. I had bent the copper wire elements a few days ago after having straightened the #8 solid wire. Today just had to make some measurements, cut some PVC pipe, drill a few holes and solder up the feed line. All told a pretty quick build with the main issue taking time to get the measurements right. I called up W3OQ across town for a simplex radio check with the Moxon hooked up to my 5W Baofeng HT. I held it up, oriented vertically as high as I could reach and W3OQ reported full scale (13 bars) at his QTH. My 4W HT with the discone up about 12 feet scored 9 bars. Confirmed that there was directivity. Signal dropped to 5 bars on the backside. Looks like for an initial test it worked fine.

I am very impressed with how compact this antenna is. It is a rectangle only 29 inches by just less than 11 inches. Next steps will be to try simplex again with the antenna mounted up as high as I can get it on the painters pole. Here’s a picture of the completed Moxon

Photo Jul 16, 10 36 58 PM


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