First Step in Building the 2m Moxon – Straightening the Wires

Here is the first step in building the 2m Moxon, I am using #8 bare copper wire for the conductors. I bought about 20 feet of the stuff at Home Depot for 50 cents a foot but they coil it up like this when they measure it out:

Photo Jul 13, 2 18 24 PM

Cutting a length of about 4 feet ends up with a non-straight piece like this:

Photo Jul 13, 2 19 38 PM

Searching the internet for “straightening heavy gauge wire” shows up several methods. The one I used involves a power drill and a vise and makes short work of straightening the wires. The procedure is simple. First lock down one end of the wire into the vise. Take the other end and chuck it into the drill. Then pull it slightly to get some tension and run the drill in short bursts and just enough for the wire to straighten out. Don’t overdo it as the wire will heat up and too much of this will embrittle the copper. When you are done the wire looks nice and straight like this:

Photo Jul 13, 2 22 20 PM

Nice little procedure that saves quite a bit of effort in straightening the wire. Next up…the PVC frame!


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