Follow up to My SPI Balcony Operation

Haven’t had much chance to try HF from my condo balcony here in South Padre Island but I did manage to fire it up again this morning. The antenna and station deploy in about 5 minutes from my camera case GO-box.

Photo Jun 11, 10 30 49 AM

The antenna was deployed as before across the length of my balcony and then dropped over the side. I can tune up nicely on all bands 60m thru 10m. 6m would not tune at all though. The bands above 15m were pretty much dead this morning. 20M was the most active and I heard quite a few QSO’s in progress. All were stateside and I heard no DX stations. I did not have an opportunity to answer and call or break into a QSO in progress. I called CQ a few times with no takers. So I have decent reception and the antenna tunes but I have yet to make a contact. Here is the end fed antenna box sitting on my balcony rail:

Photo Jun 11, 10 30 59 AM


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