First test of my Homemade Buddipole

Finished and tested my homemade Buddipole this past weekend. I set it up for 20m operation which is full length whips (9.3 feet) and a 2.1uH coil and a two foot extension arm. The whole thing was mounted on an 8 foot painters pole that was extended to 16 feet for operation. When setup at 16 feet the antenna measured to be resonant at 14.32 MHz with an 1Mhz bandwidth of SWR less than 2.

Photo Jun 06, 12 06 59 PM (1)

Overall, I am pretty happy with the way it worked, I do have to work on setting the painters pole up better. I tried 23 feet full extension but it started to bend badly. Will have to work on best methods of setting the mast up as well as adjust the guy wire lengths.


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