The DYC-8×7 2.0 Dynamic Speech Compressor Kit

I put together the dynamic speech compressor kit with no difficulty yesterday afternoon. The device is a small PCB with most of the really small surface mount components already soldered on. The only things that need soldering are the RJ-45 connectors, one surface mount capacitor, one integrated circuit, two pots and a switch. Assembly proceeds smoothly with the only warning being to ensure the parts are oriented correctly and to make sure the pots are in the right position. They look the same but their values are very different.

This unit is made to work inline with the stock Yaseu MH-31 microphone. I bought this to help the FT-817ND. That being said I tested it out on the FT-450D.

A switch on the device lets you turn the compressor on and off. There is a real difference in the perceived audio with this engaged. I First tested with my rigs monitor mode and really could hear the difference. I called CQ and asked the ham who answered to help me with signal reports. He was about 500 miles from my QTH in Texas and so my signal was about 20 over without the compressor. He reported what sounded like a more distorted audio without an appreciable increase in signal strength. This was true at both 100 and 5 watts. So for now I’d say the jury is still out. Will try and secure a few more signals reports and test in the field with the FT-817ND then report back.


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