Homemade QSL cards

I have been looking at getting some QSL cards made up but so far I don’t like the choices I have in either customization, pricing or order quantities. I came across the following instructions by AJ4VD on how to make your own double sided glossy QSL cards and have been looking at adapting this idea to my own method. Key difference is I have no interest in learning how to use Inkscape for this. Just don’t have the time or inclination to do so. What looks like it will work is Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint allows me to generate a 4×6 slide with a 3.5×5.5 inch active area pretty easily and then save as a JPEG image file. I bought 25 sheets of the 8.5×11″ labels through amazon for $12.70. This will be enough for 100 card backs. Walgreen’s has 4×6″ prints as low as 10 cents each. This works out to $22.70 per 100 cards. I expect this method to produce a very nice double sided custom QSL. Now will work on the card design and I will post more details as things develop.


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