DIY Buddipole Progress

Finally started working on a DIY Buddipole this weekend. My first steps were to work out the mast issues. I have a painters pole that extends from 8 feet to 23 feet as well as a speaker PA tripod. To get these two components to mate, I had to first remove the rubber hand grip from the bottom of the painters pole.The tripod has a center tube that telescopes in and out of the tripod itself. I removed this and moved the top cap to the bottom of the tube, then reinserted into the tripod. Now the Painters poles will fit into this tube albeit tightly. I am thinking that some Vaseline or WD-40 on the painters pole will help facilitate removal. Next I installed a hose clamp with cables ties and “D” rings as before for guy line attachment. I have 25 feet of guy lines on kite winders ready to go for guying this mast. Finally is the painter pole to 1/2″ pipe thread adapter I purchased from Buddipole.The pole looks pretty sturdy and I am pretty confident it will work good up to 16 feet. Will have to test carefully whether it can be extended the full 23 feet.

On the Buddistick side, I mounted the 3/8″ nut to the 1-1/4″ pipe caps. I have cut the coil forms to three inches long. and tested the overall fit. I now need to wind and test the coils, install the aluminum tubes and set up the wiring. Hopefully will have this completed for the weekend. Will post pics soon.


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