Portable Antenna Analysis Roundup

Portable Antenna Analysis

The link above is to a file containing a EZNEC analysis of various antenna types I am looking at for portable use. These are mainly based on the Homebrew Buddipole and Buddistick designs that I have been working on with an emphasis of operations between 20m and 10m. Right now I have a decent setup with the vertical Buddistick in this range. It is easy to deploy on either band. The homebrew Buddistick has worked great on 10m. The jury is still out on 20m as I have not tested it much yet. The next iteration is a homebrew Buddipole dipole antenna. The EZNEC studies show better 10m performance if the dipole is at least 16ft above ground. Not much difference between the vertical on 20m but the 20m dipole needs additional height which starts getting tricky. The nice thing is that I should be able to use the dipole as the driven element for a two element Yagi on a short boom. The simulation shows good directivity and significant gain increase on 10m at 16 feet. Once again the 20m version requires more height to be effective vs. the vertical.

This analysis is still a work in process but this is showing the direction I plan to take the antenna work. I will use the Vertical Buddistick as my main antenna system for portable use as it is already built and is easy to deploy. Next step is complete the 10m Buddipole dipole. This will work thru 15m as well by extending the whips. I will go ahead and wind the coils for 20m operation even though it looks like at 20m the antenna will be extremely compromised. Once I have played with the dipoles I can use them as the driven elements for a 2 element Yagi. This should provide the best performance on 10m thru 15m. Stay tuned and I will post pictures and maybe some video on my progress.


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