More portable QRP

Great weather this afternoon so setup the portable station. Lots of sunshine so the 60W panel topped off the batteries and had enough power to run the radio through the charge controller. The CQ WW SSB contest was running today so the 10m band was busy up to 28.7 MHz. I pointed the buddistick radial roughly northeast to try and favor Europe. I was receiving real well with many strong DX stations coming in. Final tally was 9 QSO’s with the farthest being in Australia…over 8000 miles on 5W! Works out to over 1600 miles/watt.

Well that was the good news. The bad news is that twice as many stations did not hear me. I think part of that is relagated to the nature of contests. I really can’t break a pile-up on 5W. Many contest operators are working so fast and don’t spend much time between CQ calls to listen. It helped to mark down the DX frequency and come back later when the pile up died down. 


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