CW Training Incentive

I bought a used straight key off of Ebay a couple of weeks ago to give me some added incentive to learn CW. It was pretty beat up when I received it but nothing was missing. I disassembled it, cleaned it and put it back together. The only issue with doing that is that there are 5 tiny ball bearings in each side support that kept coming out. I am not sure how I kept from losing one or more of them as is what usually happened when I attempt something like this.

I made the base from a piece of wood I bought at Michaels. They sell them as plaque bases. I stained it, then sprayed it with a couple of coats of clear enamel. I then mounted the key on the base with a couple of brass wood screws. The action on it feels pretty smooth now and it looks great in the shack. Seeing this idle on my desk everyday will hopefully give me the incentive I need to practice my code every day.

Photo Mar 15, 5 10 01 PM


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