Some additional Test Equipment

I have already talked a bit at length about the Mini60 Antenna Analyzer. I thought I’d mention a few other pieces of test equipment that I have collected over the years that may help with the Ham Radio Hobby. FIrst up is a basic DMM. Actually have about three that I have collected over the years. Nothing especially precise but they handle most jobs around the house and shack. I bought a USB Oscilloscope / spectrum analyzer about a year ago. It is a VT DSO-2810R 100Mhz dual channel scope. The unit is about the size of a smartphone and included two decent scope probes.Resolution is 8 bit at high sampling rates and 16 bit at lower rates. Overall it suits my needs perfectly as it is easily setup to my laptop when i need it. In the past few months I added a couple of micro-controller boards that have been configured as test equipment. These can be had at Ebay for decent prices but shipping times from China can be a bit long. One is a 0-30Mhz DDS based on the AD9850. It has a BNC output and a 1V p-p output. I am not sure what the output impedance is but seems to work ok unbuffered. I just received a similar device that is a decent L/C meter. I tested the homebrew buddistick coils and found them to read much better than on the Mini60 with a lot less hassle. Also tested some known caps and coils and found the readings matched that parts quite well.


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