Using the PC Link Feature of the Mini60 Antenna Analyzer

This is how I setup the frequency sweep functions on the Mini60 antenna analyzer on 64-bit Windows 7. Your mileage may vary depending on your operating system. You will need a USB cable with a mini USB connector on one end and the Mini60 itself. Start by downloading and installing the PC link software which can be found here. The software is in a ZIP file. It is a DOS based program so just decompress and place in a convenient folder. Next plug in the Mini60 to the PC USB port, turn on the MIni60 and press “set” once after it initializes until PC link is displayed. Then press down and the display will indicate that it is waiting for a link. Meanwhile Windows 7 should install the necessary drivers for the USB to serial port link. The drivers install a serial COM port that is equivalent to the USB connection used on the Mini60. Use Windows control panel to look up which COM port number is used. This will typically be either COM3 or COM4. Once the drivers are installed and the Mini60 is indicating “waiting for link” you will be ready to run a sweep. To do this open a DOS command window by typing “CMD” in the Windows search box. This opens a DOS window. Change directories to the folder containing the PCC-sark100.exe file.

Now lets say you want to run a sweep for the 10m band and collect data every 10 kHz to save into a file called 14mtest.csv. Assume the COM port used is COM4. The command line for this would look like:

pcc-sark100 -cCOM4 -s14000000 -e14350000 -t10000 -o14mtest.csv

Here is an SWR plot of my Ultimax DXtreme antenna from 1 Mhz to 30Mhz as installed at my location:

dxtreme Custom

The Mini60 then runs the sweep and saves the data into a comma delimited file called 14mtest.csv. Open the excel file called sark100-zplots.xls. Load the data file and you will see the data plotted. A variety of information can be displayed using this spreadsheet. That’s all there really is to it.

There are some direct commands that can be applied to the Mini60 when in PC link mode. See appendix I of the Sark100 manual for these commands. You will need a terminal program like hyperterm to connect to the COM port of the Mini60. You can then pass commands to the Mini60 and receive the resulting data back from the device.


3 responses to “Using the PC Link Feature of the Mini60 Antenna Analyzer

  1. Stephen D. Hughey May 4, 2015 at 6:57 pm

    I have the larger version and like it. I developed a Windows GUI version which can be found on eBay by looking for: “SARK 100, Mini60 Antenna Analysis Software for Windows”.

    Communicates with SARK 100 or Mini60 Antenna Analyzer via USB and plots VSWR, Resistance, Reactance, and Impedance vs. Frequency. User can select standard amateur bands 6 Meters through 160 Meters, Wideband 1-60 MHz or single frequency analysis. Automatic Excel compatible file writing including one for ZPlots. Will ship electronically. 73’s, Steve, AK4R

    I like tinkering with mine, it makes my SARK 100 sing and I get immediate plots with little effort along with the Excel compatible files for use offline.

    73, Steve, AK4R


  2. Douglas May 21, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    Link to download the Windows software seems to be broken…server not found. Does anyone know where the PCC-Sark100.exe file can be downloaded?

    73’s Douglas ON4ROS


    • rjbono May 22, 2015 at 1:06 pm

      Looks like the site address had changed. I have updated the links on my blog. You can search for EA4FRB in case they break again in the future.


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