Love it or hate it I for one am sorry to see it go. Went through three local stores and picked up some Ardunio shields, RG58 feed lines, wire spools, a few miscellaneous parts and a SWR meter. Sad to see that there is no local places to buy parts any more. Sure they were grossly overpriced but when you needed a cap or resistor or opamp you could drive a few blocks and keep your project moving. Now I am gonna have to wait (and pay) for shipping from Internet sources.

When I was a kid I loved the shack. I bought and still have some ARRL publications from the 70’s that bought there. The 100 in 1 electronics kit was a great start to my Career as an electrical engineer. Back in the day the only RadioShack was in downtown Brownsville so it would be months between visits. I also remember the one across the street from the Alamo in San Antonio. Stores were often disorganized but were great fun to look through. When the TRS-80 came out I wanted one but had to be content to use the one in our high school computer lab. RIP RadioShack and thanks for all the help through the years. You will be missed.


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