Worked K1N…Navassa Island DXpedition

Navassa Island is a very rare DX station that is currently running a DXpedition. The pile-ups have been terrible. They work split usually over a range of frequencies 5 to 10 kc up from their transmit frequency. Really horrible practices by some hams. First you have the guys on the transmit frequency that don’t bother to check that they are working split. Then you have the folks transmitting on that same frequency to point out that they are working split. Then you have the people doing deliberate QRM, whistling, humming or tuning up on the K1N transmit frequency. On the receive end it is maddening. Everyone transmitting their call signs at the same time. But patience and good operating skills do pay off. When i first started hunting this station I could not receive their signal so i had to wait until propagation improved. Today they were coming in real clear at my QTH. So i setup to work split (also a first for me to use the split mode). It took a few hours of working the station before I made contact. Feels great to break into that pile-up on 100W voice when there are clearly folks pointing full power beam signals their way. That being said there were also QRP stations apparently making it through as well. My point is that working a station like this requires pateince and careful operating skills. Great to work a station that may not be around for another 10 years!


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