Monthly Archives: January 2015

Echolink DX on 2m…

I was in China on business the past couple of weeks and missed working with the radios. I was able to make a local contact on the 2m STARS net via echolink from China. I was also able to monitor the ragchewers net but did not check in as the internet connection was dropping in and out. Pretty cool that I was able to log in from that far away and make contacts.


DX for a New Year!

Happy New Year!

Decided to start late today on the HF bands and it seemed very quiet today on 10m. I scanned the Phone bands down to 20m and didn’t really see much going on. I switch to PSK31 on 10m and made some domestic contacts by calling CQ. I was calling CQ on PSK31 and BAM! got a reply from a station in New Zealand. The signal came in like it was next door while we exchanged signal reports but eventually just seemed to fade out! With signal reports exchanged he made it into the logbook! Moved back to Phone on 10m and found another New Zealand station working a pile up. Switched my power back up to 100W and called after he sent QRZ. BAM! he answered on my first call and I busted through the pile-up!

This was so cool because it was so unexpected. With lousy band conditions all of a sudden the band just opens and you get a 7000 mile contact clear as can be! Really enjoying this hobby!

Here’s wishing everyone great DX in 2015!!!