First impressions of the “MINI60” Antenna Analyzer

I mentioned in a previous post that I had ordered a “MINI60” antenna analyzer on Ebay. Well it finally arrived today and not a moment to soon as I started building a homebrew Buddistick. There are quite a few negatives floating around the internet but I took a chance anyway. These units are Chinese made clones of the Sark100 originally designed and built by EA4FB. The unit arrived wrapped in bubble wrap in a small box with nothing else. These are notorious for not having a manual or documentation. It looks pretty sturdy as it uses a metal case. It is about the size of a pack of cigarettes and has a SO-239 connector on the end. I have plugged the unit into a USB charger and it indicates it is charging. I’ll let it charge overnight and see if the light turns green.

I did connect it to a laptop and it found the drivers with no issues on my Windows 7 machine. It appears as COM4 on my machine. There is a command line program originally for the Sark100 that seems to work well in scanning across a range of frequencies and dumping the data to a comma delimited file. The Z-Plots program can then be used to plot  a variety of variables such as SWR, Zo, Rs, Xs etc. I did a quick test with an oscilloscope to very the output frequency as this was one of the issues discussed on the internet. The waveform checked out ok at 14.1 Mhz, I measured the end fed antenna and got back reasonable looking results. I’ll be posting more on this device in the next few days.


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