A Baofeng Base Station

I am planning to convert one of my Baofeng HT radios to a 2m & 70cm base station. I have an adapter for the discone antenna feedline that fits the Baofeng antenna mount. I have installed a separate handheld microphone to the HT. I have a 12V car adapter for the Baofeng on order which I plan to connect to my HF rig’s 12V power supply. This replaces the battery on the HT. Finally plan to put the HT in a car hands free cell phone mount somewhere on the desktop. SInce this shares the Discone with my RTL-SDR setup I will have to use a manual switch to use the base station.

Here’s a view of my radio equipment on my desktop. Not neat (yet) but ultimately it will not take up much space on my desktop.



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