Site Preparation

I work from a home office. I have a corner desk next to two windows facing the resaca in my backyard. I am sad to say that my office is not the neatest place in the house. I wanted to place the radio gear on my desk but did want to lose workspace. The initial solution….start cleaning the place up and see how much room I would free up. I guess doing this once every two years or so is not a bad idea. Threw out a bunch of stuff I have collected over the years for various projects. This cleared out the right hand side of my desk for the radio equipment right by the one window that opens.

Next was making sure my house wiring was all squared away. It wasn’t. Some of the outlets were showing as not grounded (including one in my office). Had an electrician come in and sort out the wiring problems. While he was here I had him drop two ground rods, one outside the window and one by  where I intended to mount the antenna. These were both tied to the house ground.

I knew my wife would not appreciate drilling through the wall for the feed lines so I built my own feed panel and mounted it at the bottom of my window frame. Two SO-239 connectors and a ground connection.


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