On the Air!

Time to document my adventures in Amateur Radio…The story thus far….

I was playing with RTL-SDR a couple of months ago and was using an up-converter to scan through the HF bands. It got me thinking about a long time goal I had to get my Amateur Radio license. I started looking up the requirements and found that no Morse code was needed anymore. For grins, I took a sample test for the technician class license and found that I could barely pass it without having studied for it. When I tried the same thing for the General class license I would score in the low 60’s. I figured if I could do that without having studied it would not take much to pass both exams. I was a month away from the next local exam so I started studying using a combination of ipad app and eham.net sample exams.

Took both technician and general class exams in September and aced both of them. By Wednesday of the next week I had my call sign. I had a few chats on the 2m local repeater and started planning my HF station. Today, i completed the last of the setup and made my first DX contacts! One to Germany and the other to Italy on 10m SSB. Way cool stuff!

Stay tuned and I will go through my equipment lists, setup and tenative steps into this new hobby.


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