First Tests

I setup the radio, power supply and SWR meter on my desk. Ran ground wires from the radio to the feed panel and out to the ground rod outside. I had already played around with the receiver using a SWL wire antenna and got the feel for the receive functions of the rig. Time to try and tune up the antenna. I started at 20m and found a nice quiet spot on the band listening to make sure there was no activity. Started the tune cycle on the FT-450D and after a few seconds of grinding noises it indicated that it had found a match. Whew! Repeated this process on 40m and the autotuner balked. Doh! Just as predicted by more informed persons on the internet!

I unpacked the YT-450 autotuner and wired it up. Setup is pretty easy and is meant to work with the Yaesu FT-450 or FT-950 radios. Ran the tuning cycle again with just the YT-450 and voila! 40m got tuned in perfectly as did 80m.  160m indicated it had tuned to an SWR of between 1.5:1 and 3:1.


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